FRW Mission:

  • Establishing and maintaining native plantings and amenities along Tarrytown's Scenic Hudson RiverWalk through hands-on volunteer work and fundraising
  • Teaching Friends and community members about the Hudson River environment and the skills required for stewardship of the greenway and its amenities
  • Promoting cooperation and shared investment in the success of the RiverWalk by Hudson Harbor and other Tarrytown residents; by middle and high school-age youth, officials and leaders of the community.
  • Developing a model for the maintenance and stewardship of the RiverWalk as the founding chapter of the Friends of the RiverWalk
  • Creating an organizational template and replicable manual to be made available to all RiverWalk communities.
Tarrytown, New York - Friends of the RiverWalk
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About the RiverWalk Park

  • The formal name is
    "Scenic Hudson RiverWalk Park."
  • Created through a public-private partnership of Westchester County, the Village of Tarrytown, Hudson Harbor developer National ReSources and Scenic Hudson.
  • The land is owned by the Village of Tarrytown.
  • Adjacent to Tarrytown's Pierson Park and the Hudson River.
  • A short walk from the Tarrytown Metro North station.
  • Part of a planned 51 mile RiverWalk extending from Yonkers to the Town of Cortland border with Putnam County.
  • Occupies 5.2 acres and features a 0.6 mile riverside esplanade and greenway that includes terraces, lawns and native plants.
More about the RiverWalk Park
  • The planted area is about 130,500 square feet (sf) distributed as follows:
    • 55,000 sf of lawn
    • 61,000 sf of meadow
    • 14,000 sf wetland basins and swales:
      • Both filter stormwater
      • Basins retain water to drain level due to bentonite linings, providing wetlands.
  • The project stabilized 3000 linear feet of shoreline with rip-rap or repaired bulkhead.
  • The northern part of the project is located on property previously used for industrial purposes. That area was capped with a minimum of two feet of clean fill as remediation.
  • Planting area types include: wetland, shrub and riverside.
  • Water access is built into the greenway every 100' to accommodate 50' hoses.
  • Five interpretive panels explain the history of the site and the natural and cultural histories and settlement of the Hudson River Valley.
  • Planting/replanting will be evaluated and possibly scheduled for the fall of 2013:
    • Pitch pines - 20 @ $20 each
    • Panicum amarum - 100 plugs
    • Seed grasses
    • Relocating roses
    • The annual planting cost is estimated to be approximately $10K.
  • Robert Welsch, owner of Westover Landscape Design, a Tarrytown resident and board member, has donated the design, plants and labor for the circle on West Main Street.

Friends of the RiverWalk
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