About the FRW Organization

  • A non-voting membership organization with a self perpetuating board.
  • Recognized by resolution of the Tarrytown Board of Trustees as an organization for work on the RiverWalk.
  • An affiliation with Friends of Westchester County Parks (FWCP) provides an accounting and auditing structure and confers on FRW the tax status of a 501 (c) (3).
  • Seeks non-financial partnerships with environmental and botanical organizations.
  • Tools donated by board members and Tarrytown's Goldberg Hardware with help from National ReSources, developer of Hudson Harbor.
  • Seeks funding for illustrated signage, plant material and public education regarding invasives versus non-invasives, green infra-structure (bio-swales, wetlands, drainage and water filtering).
  • The first year focused on cleaning and maintenance, targeting the following invasives: mugwort, crown vetch, clover and hawthorne.

Founding Members:
Pat Jones, Co-chair
Linda Viertel, Co-chair
Joyce Lannert, Treasurer
Dolores Eyler, Secretary
Amy deCamp
Mindy Hartman
Robert Welsch

Friends of the RiverWalk
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